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Modern Producer Offers an Easy-to-Use Commercial Director Search Option

by Modern Producer

Posted on December 3rd, 2018

Modern Producer is a hub where ad agency broadcast and integrated producers request and review director submissions all-in-one place. Modern Producer streamlines the process from creative brief to shortlisting director options for a TV commercial or digital project. Providing efficiency at every step, this platform offers a dynamic, user-friendly interface giving you access to the most complete list of reps and in-house sales teams to find the right commercial director and production company – regardless of your budget.

How it Works

Modern Producer offers two types of memberships:

By offering all of the information needed to submit an appropriate reel, you can expect to see a prompt turnaround of applicable directors. It starts with a breif emailed to reps including production details such as the budget, genre, location, shoot dates, creative material references, and deadlines. Include an NDA to be signed and returned before sharing confidential material.

Try Modern Producer, a Commercial Director Search Tool, Today

When you use Modern Producer – Everyone is on the same page.

You will save time and find more qualified candidates for your projects. Best of all, all communication and review of reels can be done directly through the interface. To learn more about our memberships or other services we offer, visit our website today at

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